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About Live Missions

Interactive game shows for life skills

Missions are live, interactive shows where kids* make the choices. They take place every weeknight 🖐 LIVE @ FIVE 🖐 (et + pt) and are hosted by a trained guide who acts as part storyteller, part coach, and part facilitator. Guides help Scouts work together to navigate mysteries and challenges while practicing critical life skills we call our  👉 12 Keys 👈

*Missions are designed for kids age 7-10.


Your kids will learn the life skills they need to succeed.

As they traverse mysterious jungles or the salty seas, they’re actually preparing to navigate their real life. Each Mission focuses on a subset of our 12 Key life skills that your kid will practice with others - like self-regulation, empathy, and problem solving. Let’s get them scouting!


Cognitive reframing or delayed gratification while practicing their self-regulation


Perspective taking and active listening to foster their empathy


Forecasting and creative ideation to master their problem-solving